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    Bank Reconciliation System

  • Bank Reconciliation is one of the most tedious and time consuming process that an organisation undergoes. It is the process of comparing and matching figures from accounting record against those shown on a bank statement.

    The benefit of this process is knowing that the amount of cash reported in the company's books is consistent with the amount of cash shown in the bank records. Our BRS aims to simplify and automate this complicated process in a faster and easier manner.

    Key Features
    • Excel Uploading Facility with proper error management

    • User defined parameters for reconciliation

    • Supports auto, manual, group/split, contra and lots more reconciliation options

    • Comprehensive Search Facility

    • Accurate and Quick Reports

    • User Rights based on particular accounts

    • Ability to handle multiple accounts seamlessly.

    Technology Used
    • Front End: ASP, HTML, CSS, Java, Script, AJAX, ASP.NET

    • Back End: SQL Server