Max Edge Integrated Facility Management Solution.

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    Max Edge

  • Make sure everything is perfect for you and your customer. Boost Profitability

    Facility Management companies thrives to hear from customers, “Great, all is flawless !” Any industry for instance shopping mall, bank, hospital, offices or any commercial establishment with stinking washroom or faulty elevators will not be appreciated. Unless the premises is not up to the mark in terms of cleanliness, housekeeping, hospitality and maintenance, the services are indispensable. Facility Company ensures to make customers happy. However, this is no easy task. Facility Company needs to manage major challenges like attrition, coordination between payroll and operation and compliance due to which day-to-day operations and strategic growth gets hampered. Allow Max Edge to streamline your business process and ensure to boost your success.

    Max Edge is a well-tested and proven software solution for facility management industry boon to facility management industries such as security companies, facility, hospitality, housekeeping services and any other services comes under facility industry.

    With Max Edge, you can :
    • Change the way you operate the business and organize your business in a much better way

    • Ensure automatic integration between operations and back office department

    • Bring huge improvement in operational efficiency

    • Make sure decision-makers have correct and up-to-date information at the click of a button

    • Provide perfect service to meet customer requirements

    • Issue correct and timely bills, to boost profitability

    • Delight customers !

  • Apart from complete financial management, Max Edge is bundled with following add on :

    • OUR - Online Uniform Requisition is a very simple, flexible and user-friendly web application that is used for Uniform Management on Pan India basis. Users can check the details such as uniform costs, purchase history, purchase rate, vendor and site information for which uniforms was purchased at anytime anywhere.

    • OMR - Online Material Requisition is a very simple, flexible and user-friendly web application that is used for Material Management on Pan India basis. Users can check the details such as material costs, purchase history and purchase rate, vendor and site information for which material was purchased at anytime anywhere.

    • OAS - Online Attendance System has a very robust module for management of employee attendance details. All the employee attendance information you may ever need is available right at your fingertips. Also over time details of employee can be manage in this system. With help of Online Attendance System, you can get information about the employee time attendance report, employees on leave & many more.

  • We cater to different verticals, namely :

    • Security/Guarding Services – Security and guarding service providers can use Max Edge to address their challenges which is industry specific, often categorized by disorganized departments having multiple sites and customers and circuitous process. Apart from our complete view and integrated management of their processes, they can also improve recruitment, deployment, effectively track contract agreements and system generated auto-billing process for timely and accurate billing.

    • Hospitality/Housekeeping Services - Hospitality/Housekeeping Service providers can manage entire aspects of their business including sales, operations and billing to contract management. Apart from complete process management this industry has a challenge of uniform management and material management. With material management, service provider can run their business with zero inventory. Special features such as reliever management and online attendance system ensures timely payroll processing resulting in timely billing.