LDMS Lease Document Management System.

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    Lease Document Management System

  • Lease Document Management System facilitates in managing the leased and rental documents during the time of agreements in a well-structured & user-friendly format that provides better management and services. LDMS is an online application which embraces web technology gracefully to make it available across all standard platforms.

    LDMS allows logging and tracking of lease related requests that are received by the Maker of a department. LDMS has different alert systems like user defined Approval System for checker, Expiry Alert, Termination Alert, O/S Deposit Alert, Escalation Alert, Extension of Lease, Legal Dispute Cases and Foot Print.

    LDMS categorizes requests and escalates them as per the escalation matrix defined via mail notification and Pop-ups. LDMS provides a platform for central storage of this data and makes it readily available for the infra and other department executives to work on it.

    Key Features
    • Online Web based System

    • Interactive GUI

    • Monitoring system

    • Forecasting and Projection

    • Data Authorization

    • Data Security

    • Extensive reporting

    • Data Security

    • Compatibility